June 15, 2013

Bratislava. Rain, Wind, Fog. Could we do something on this kind of weather? We walked around the city until we couldn’t stand the cold. We decided to enter the firs bar and drink a hot chocolate to avoid getting a cold. Amazing…the first bar we entered its similar to Hard Rock Café. There are guitars and posters and incredible furniture. The music is awesome. Everything around you makes you feel like a rockstar. Luckily we realize that Bratislava has great Cafes. The next one was called The Godfather. There were posters from The Godfather and guns on the walls. The bartender was wearing an Al Pacino suit and a hat. The next bar  only had  windows. Also, a tree was growing thru the bar. You could see the rain, the wind and the fog but you couldn’t feel the cold. We went to a bar crawl. Crawling it was.


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